Creditors hire expensive lawyers to collect their credits and sometimes the charges and lawyers fees cost much more than the amount of the credit. We can handle the cases in a more simple way. A debt collection procedure consist of two parts. The first one is an amicable settlement. which involves locating and investigating the debtor and contacting him to try to reach an agreement in an pit of court way. The second part of the debt collecting procedure involves going to court to settle the debt. Most debtors may pay before the case goes the Court. We would like to emphasize that the creditor is consulted before every step is taken.


We offer all internationally determinate services of Amicable and Legal Recovery stages.


Services of Amicable Collection:
· search and identification of data using all possible resources;
· collection calls estimating debtor’s position and attitude to his debt;
· negotiation with debtor by the telephone;
· step-by-step mailing to all known addresses of company (individual) – debtor;
· requesting of guarantee letters from debtor;
· drafting of settlements schedule and controlling of schedule payments;
· definition of the tactics and planning of company’s employees cooperation;
· creative approach to every exact situation concerning debtor and his debt.

Services of Legal Recovery :

· actualization of debtor’s contact information;
· identification of all responsible persons, relatives and friends for quicker getting into contact with debtor;
· negotiations with debtor’s representatives;
· usage of harder methods of influence on debtor and explaining all possible negative results in case of the said debt non-payment.

We have a very strong litigation team in the said ( Middle east and CIS Counries ) that very professional business solicitors in these political risk countries that represent our foreign clients in most difficult trans-border litigation and arbitration ( amounts of the claims strat from 1 million $ )