Of course we are drawing your attention on the main particularity of debt collection and non-payment issue we present – our payment system of “No success – No fee”.


Collection of payments (encashment) method has its advantage consisting in further possible business relationship between the Creditor and the Debtor. TURKEY DEBT RECOVERY SOLUTIONS gets its fee only after the fact of receiving the money on the Creditor’s account.


Moreover our payment system of “No success – No fee” makes debt recovery cost-effective with commission rate from 5 to 15 % of debt recovered amount.


Our success fee varies depending on the amounts and the age of the debts. The higher success fees are applied for old cases and the lower fees are applied for huge amounts of the debts.


In legal collection we apply following time-based fees:

Partner 180.- EURO

Senior Associate 120.- EURO

Associate 80.- EURO

Junior Associate 50 EURO