The following legal measures for forced execution of decisions are envisaged by us:


1. Imposition of penalty on debtor`s property;
2. Seizure from debtor and transmission to beneficiary of belongings indicated in a decision;
3. Imposition of penalty on debtor`s salary or another incomes;
4. Other measures stipulated by court decision.

Enforcement procedure may be performed in respect of foreigners and stateless persons who live or are registered on the territories of covered countries or own property on its territories.


Our specialists help to choose the most optimum way of actions for every exact case.


Informative maintenance of enforcement process includes:

- Revelation of agreements on alienation of marketable property (via notary public);
- Research of mortgage property;
- Research of movables (automobiles and other);
- Actual location of storages, commodities, property;
- Research of assets which can be calculated ;


Consultative maintenance of enforcement process includes close collaboration with state executors, exposure of execution problems, joint development of further actions and preparation of various documents.


Appeal of inaction of state executor or negotiations with purpose to liquidate existent “unofficial” relationships of executor with a debtor or actions directed on replacement of one executor by other.