We provide our clients with full set of legal services relating to debt collection. Our Creditors are not obliged to pay The Legal Fees till amount of EURO 5000.- It is free of charge.


Services of Legal Collection :

· sending all necessary legal documents to debtor;
· preparing statement of claim and all related documents;
· representing client’s interests in all domestic and foreign courts;
· support in enforcement of court resolutions (working with state executives);
· preparing and submitting of applications to legal authorities;
· supporting client’s interests in debtor’s liquidation or bankruptcy procedures;
· legal precautions , preventive measures , analysis and consultations.

In complex with legal services or by separate agreement skilled credit specialist of our company together with our legal partners will be able to give additional services which are necessary for industrial enterprises, for example: adjusting of partnership with other enterprises, public account, automations of account and/or direct legal support and the other great deals.


Our Lawyers and Credit Managers kept in mind that how successful and experienced the team may be , in the end it is all up the debtor to pay, legal recovery comes in where further steps need to be taken.